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Long COVID is a condition that can occur after suffering from COVID-19, causing tissue inflammation and damage due to the body’s immune response to fighting the infection. Common symptoms include:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Shortness of breath

Medical Director Shai Efrati of the
Sagol Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research in Tel Aviv, Israel, noticed tissue death on brain scans of long COVID patients. Efrati stated:

"Once we saw that, we said, this is the type of wound we can treat. It doesn’t matter if the primary cause is a mechanical injury like TBI (traumatic brain injury) or stroke… we know how to oxidise them."

One of the studies showed HBOT was triggering the generation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and neurons (neurogenesis), which helps the body to repair all kinds of damage, including damaged neutrons and brain damage which may have been attributed to COVID. The natural recovery process of this condition is extremely lengthy, and in some cases, does not occur at all, which explains why long COVID symptoms are so persistent for some people. 

HBOT has been seen to promote a relatively rapid and complete remediation of long COVID symptoms, with most sufferers reporting to have recovered to their pre-COVID state.

Efrati’s now well-publicised clinical trials using before-and-after MRIs showed significant repair of damaged tissue in the brain, and functional cognition tests improved substantially among those who received pure oxygen during HBOT, with 80% of long COVID patients saying they were feeling back to their normal selves.


In the UK, millions of people suffer from arthritis or other similar conditions, with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affecting people of all ages.  

HBOT can help arthritis in ways that no other treatment can, assisting the body by increasing collagen production, blood vessel growth and even cartilage growth at sites where the condition is at its worst. It can also be used to reduce inflammation and swelling, helping give relief from the pain arthritis can cause.  

Cancer recovery

HBOT is considered by some to be an effective treatment for cancer-related recovery from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, and surgery.

One of the biggest benefits HBOT offers with regards to cancer, is that it can stop ongoing radiation damage to breast tissue, bone, skin and nerves by building healthy new cells and aiding new growth in damaged tissues, correcting the ischemia (restricted blood flow), which also improves flap and graft salvage after surgery.

Crohn’s disease

Various studies have shown HBOT can help those with Crohn’s disease by reducing overall inflammation, alleviating pain, and supporting faster wound and fistula healing. In turn, this can help reduce mental and physical stress, enhance the effect of and reduce the need for medications, increase the rate of elimination of toxins and eliminate bacteria and infection. 


As there is still some uncertainty surrounding why people develop fibromyalgia, there is no guarantee that HBOT can help relieve its symptoms, but there are some medical studies that suggest it can.  

Most studies examining the positive effects of hyperbaric treatment on fibromyalgia have observed improvements in various symptoms associated with the condition, such as fatigue, sleep disturbance and areas of tenderness or pain.  

One study suggested that HBOT has the potential to improve symptoms within fibromyalgia patients long-term after a period of consistent treatment, with major symptoms having remained improved three months after treatment. 

Lyme disease 

Lyme disease is microaerophile condition, which means it thrives in environments with low oxygen, theoretically making hyperbaric oxygen therapy an ideal form of treatment to target the disease. It can be considered a complementary way to treat Lyme disease alongside traditional methods, such as courses of oral antibiotics.  

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) 

Diabetic foot ulcers are one of the 13 conditions that have been given HBOT approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), having shown to improve the rate of healing among patients and decrease the number of amputations in the diabetic population. 

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