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Jade Coles

"It was an amazing experience and the team guided me through the journey. I had the best night's sleep and my body and mind feel clearer!"

Craig Newman

"I received ten sessions over a two-week period. Maurice and Brendon were excellent throughout, being patient and very informative."

Hollie Moore

"I really can't thank the guys at HybO2 House enough. They are so welcoming, friendly and professional. They explained everything and were very attentive."

James Holmes

"This truly is a life-changing therapy, that more people should know about. I was so pleased I was introduced to HybO2 house by a friend, and wish I had known about it many years ago."

Jane Drinkwater

"Absolutely amazing, and Maurice was an absolute star… this is my second time here and I feel fabulous! I have had an operation and had a little bit of an infection post op and I just feel incredible and cannot wait for my next session."

Salli Daniels

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the clinic. My overall experience was really good and my healing following my procedure was enhanced, with a lymphatic masseuse commenting that she had never seen such healing!"

James Holmes

 James Holmes is one of our most regular clients who we are deeply fond of. We have followed his hyperbaric oxygen journey closely since he first came to us, and his story is remarkable. 

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