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HybO2 hyperbaric chambers

HybO2 Quad Walk-in

Not available in clinic. Available for pre-order sale.
A spacious, non-medical, four-person hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

HybO2 Quad Walk-in


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Control settings

Set pressure sensors, oxygen concentration sensors, air compressors, controllers, solenoid valves and external voice announcer.

Control features

Equipped with touch screens, temperature and humidity sensors, and internal speakers.


Each chamber is customisable with external colour wraps or graphics and internal upholstery and finishing.

Additional features

Control systems

Internal and external control systems

Acrylic door

Fully automated acrylic door allowing full client visibility​



Can accommodate wheelchair access

Safety features

Simple and safe to operate

Technical specs


Width 2746mm
Height 2076mm
Depth 2134+mm


Operating pressure 2.0 bar (approx. 2.0 ATA)

Supporting equipment


Air compressor


Oxygen concentrator

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For any enquiries about the chambers we have available for purchase and rental, please contact us.