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Professional athletes of all sports are frequently put through gruelling exercise routines, vigorous strength and conditioning plans, and various fitness tests. As a result, several forms of complementary therapies are put in place alongside an athlete’s training schedule to optimise performance and speed up recovery times.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy assists with enhancing the speed at which the body recovers between tough sessions, preparing the body for further training and allowing athletes to be pushed harder. Any bumps and knocks picked up can also be treated with HBOT, repairing damaged fascia and muscle tears, helping competitors from all backgrounds get back fit much quicker than it would take naturally during passive recovery. There is also evidence to suggest that it can help athletes with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), a muscular condition that occurs after intense physical exercise.

Improving sports performance 

Not only is HBOT simply a fantastic way for individuals to look after their physical state whilst in the process of undergoing rigorous activity, but it has also been used to improve sports performance by way of endurance and fitness.
It’s been shown to improve maximal oxygen consumption, power and anaerobic threshold, and even increase energy levels after prolonged stages of therapy, giving athletes an edge over their rivals.
Whilst HBOT seems to only recently be making tracks in ways of sports performance and recovery, it was used a method of recovery for muscular fatigue during the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998. The athletes receiving the treatment did so between 30-40 minutes at just 1.3 ATA (here we recommend at least 60 minutes at 2.0 ATA) with a maximum of six treatments each, and all athletes presented with faster recovery rates than usual.

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