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Alzheimer’s & vascular dementia  

In people with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, blood flow to the brain is significantly reduced which results in nerve cell death. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s ability to improve blood flow to the brain, it’s considered a means to slow the progression of the disease. 

Cluster headaches & migraines  

With HBOT’s ability to increase cerebral blood flow and flood areas of the body with high levels on oxygen, it is believed that cerebral tissue can be stimulated during treatment, reducing inflammation in the brain’s tissue which aids neurological function and provides pain relief for those suffering.

Cerebral palsy  

Cerebral palsy is the result of a baby’s brain not developing as it should, either before, during, or soon after birth, with one cause thought to be reduced oxygen supply during key stages of development.  

Some experts within the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy claim it can help improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy, increasing oxygen supply and reducing swelling in the brain, strengthening white blood cells in their ability to kill bacteria, and by helping new blood vessels to grow in damaged areas. 

A discussion by the medical director of the Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Centre (USA), found that hyperbaric oxygenation:

"...reduces cerebral oedema , deactivates platelets, reduces lactate peaks and toxic amines, restores the integrity to the blood brain barrier and cell membrane, enhances the delivery of oxygen to DNA and mitochondria, neutralizes free radicals, and delivers oxygen to the cells for immediate metabolic use without energy exchange even in the absence of circulation."

It was concluded that not only will HBOT correct the hypoxic state of children, but also provide a better environment for the brain to grow new tissue. 


HBOT can help improve individuals’ stroke-related complications by enhancing blood flow to the infarct, the damaged or dead brain tissue. The flooding of blood plasma, lymph fluids, and cerebrospinal fluid with pure oxygen during HBOT has been seen to bring down brain swelling and bring nutrients to brain matter that has been starved of oxygen. With consistent hyperbaric therapy, function in stroke patients improve, reactivating the penumbra and forming new capillaries in the damaged area of the brain.   

Traumatic brain injury 

Secondary brain damage after traumatic brain injury (TBI) is worsened by the body’s acute inflammatory response, and reducing this inflammation is essential for the treatment of a traumatic brain injury.  

There are plenty of studies that prove HBOT suppresses inflammation, and some have shown during the early stages of TBI, HBOT improved outcomes and reduced inflammation by increasing the cytokine in the body that plays a crucial role in preventing inflammatory and autoimmune pathologies, and decreasing tumour necrosis which helps increase inflammation. 

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