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A lifechanging discovery | James Holmes’ story

“For me it’s just been an absolute gamechanger, a godsend. I can’t thank the guys at HybO2 House enough.”

James Holmes
One of our most loyal and regular customers, James Holmes, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago. Having no prior knowledge about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the benefits it could have for him and others with his condition, he was bought a HybO2 House gift voucher. 
James came along to our clinic, met the HybO2 team and had his first session with us. After just one session, James said that for the first time in a long time he actually felt well in himself.  

"The guys at HybO2 House are fantastic. Maurice really looks after you, makes sure you’re comfortable and that the session is enjoyable. If you have any technical questions, Steve is the man to ask – he knows everything."

Ever since his first session here at HybO2 House, James hasn’t once looked back. He has now had over 40 sessions in one of our hyperbaric oxygen chambers and swears by the effects it is having on him.  

"I’ve had no brain fog. My brain is so much clearer, and I feel more vitalised now than I have done in years."

"I’m not associated with HybO2 House at all, but I just want to say: try it, whatever your condition, just give it a go."

James recently went for a check-up MRI scan and no further deterioration in his brain function was shown. He is not taking any medical drugs and is just treating himself through diet and weekly maintenance hyperbaric sessions.  

"I wish more people knew about it. I certainly wish more doctors and neurologists knew more about it and recognised it as a therapy that should be accessible by everybody."