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Surgical recovery

With studies showing the healing and recovery properties HBOT is capable of, treatment can help those who have undergone surgery by:

  • Reducing pain, inflammation, and bruising
  • Having an antibacterial effect
  • Reducing possible complications after surgery 
  • Healing scars more effectively
  • Improving mitochondrial function 

Infection is always possible after surgery, and therapy can help fight infection. This is done by enhancing the body’s white blood cell’s ability to fight bacteria, improve general organ function and build new connective tissues. HBOT can also be used as a means to complement the healing process.

Enhanced oxygen supply is known to drastically improve the chances of a skin graft or flap surviving after surgery by bolstering the body’s natural healing process, and reducing the risk of infection for the reasons stated above. 

Healing after injury 

With general injury, such as sprains to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, blood supply is often increased as the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response is triggered to get more nutrients and white blood cells to the area that needs it most. 

Increasing oxygen supply generally within the blood via treatment increases the amount of oxygen being rushed to the injury site immensely, speeding up recovery and reducing both inflammation and pain.  

With slightly more severe injuries, such as stress fractures or breaks, HBOT also promotes faster growth of new capillaries in affected areas. This in turn brings more oxygen and nutrients to the bones, quickening the healing process. 

A particular study found that being treated for 60 minutes a day at double the atmospheric pressure we are used to (2.0 ATA), significantly increased bone formation in participants. This was compared to those who were not undergoing regular sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  

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